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Information on joining the Azu Garden Card

Excellent value for staying! Excellent value to use! We recommend enrolling in the Azu Garden Card.

  • Fill out the "Membership Application Form" at the Azu Garden Nihonbashi Front desk
    * Customers who stay overnight are eligible for membership.
  • Accommodation charge payment
  • Azu Garden Card, New Issue

Azu Garden Card, Terms of Use

Article 1: (Azu Garden Card Member)
  1. Azu Garden Card members (hereinafter referred to as "the Member") shall accept these clauses and apply for membership of the Azu Garden Card (hereinafter referred to as "the Card") at the time of staying at Azu Garden Nihonbashi (hereinafter referred to as "the Hotel"). Customers who have completed these procedures are referred to as the Members.
    The membership is limited to individual customers.
  2. As a general rule, guests whose accommodation fee is prepaid are eligible for joining the membership.
Article 2: Issuance and handling of the Cards
  1. The Card will be issued as a membership card to the customers who join the membership after filling out the necessary items on the membership application form.
  2. The Members are required to put their signature on the signature line of the Card. If a card is a presented without a signature, they may be required to present identity verification material specified in Article 11, or we may refuse to use the Card.
  3. The ownership of the Card belongs to the Hotel and cannot be lent, transferred or provided as collateral to others.
    If requested by the Hotel, it shall be returned immediately.
  4. No fees (admission fee/annual membership fee) are required for the issuance of new cards.
Article 3: Use of the Card
  1. The Members can only receive the benefits of Article 4 if the card is presented at the time of check-in at the Hotel and before the accommodation fee is settled.
  2. If the Member uses or handles the Card that violates these clauses, or if the Member commits fraud against the Hotel, the card will be suspended, and you will not be able to use it.
  3. If the Member fails to comply with the hotel's terms and conditions and significantly causes inconvenience for the Hotel, the Card will be suspended and cannot be used.
Article 4: Membership Benefits
  1. Grant points
    The Members will be awarded points each time they stay the Hotel. Points will be calculated according to the accommodation charge amount settled by the Hotel and recorded as member information.
  2. Use of the points
    Earned points will be converted into yen (1 point = 1 yen) at the next payment and can be used as part of the accommodation charge settlement.
    However, points can only be used in units of 10 points, and the maximum number of points that can be used at one time is 10,000 points.
  3. Easy check-in
    Check-in by presenting your card and filling in your name.
Article 5: Point Restrictions
  1. Points will be awarded for cash, credit card, and other payment methods specified by the Hotel.
  2. Points cannot be exchanged for cash.
  3. When you use your points for settlement, you will only receive new points for the remaining amount after deducting the points used.
  4. Points can only be added to the accommodation charge settlement. In addition, for staying customers, points will only be added for payments made by 12:00 noon on the day to check out.
Article 6: Processing when refunding due to change of schedule
If a refund is processed due to shortened accommodation schedule, the points awarded at check-in will be deducted.
Article 7: Expiration date of points
Earned points expire if not used for one year from the last date of stay at the Hotel.
Article 8: Temporarily stop of point use
Please note that you may not be able to use your points temporarily due to computer failure.
Article 9: Card stain, damage and loss
If the card becomes unreadable or lost due to dirt or damage, we will reissue the card. A reissue fee will be charged for reissuing the card.
When reissuing the card, there are no benefits at the time of enrollment.
Article 10: Change of registered address, etc.
If your registered name, address, or telephone number changes, please fill out the required information on the designated notification form and submit to the Hotel. We will change it after confirming the identity verification material stipulated in Article 11.
Article 11: Presentation of identity verification materials
In terms of privacy protection, in cases where either the Card has not been signed, the Card is to be reissued due to stain or damage, or when the registered name, address, etc. will be changed, we may need to check your Card use history or require you to submit an identification certificate such as a driver's license in order to protect Personal Information from spoofing by a third party.
Article 12: Agreement regarding collection, use, provision and registration of the Personal Information
If you have applied for membership, you shall agree to the following clauses regarding collection, use, filled in the membership application form with your name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone number, etc. and information on matters changed based on Article 11 (hereinafter referred to as "the Personal Information").
  1. The Personal Information of the Members is collected and used to provide comprehensive services for the convenience of the Members, such as point management and campaign information, and for the purpose of creating and analyzing statistical data in the Hotel.
  2. We will take necessary protective measures for the Personal Information of the Members.
Article 13: Disclosure, correction, deletion, and erase of the Personal Information
  1. The Members can request the Hotel to disclose their own Personal Information.
  2. If the result of the Personal information disclosure based on this request reveals an error in the registered contents, the Member can request either the correction of the contents or the deletion of the incorrect information, and the Hotel will promptly correct or delete it.
  3. The Members may withdraw from Azu Garden Card members by requesting deletion of the Personal Information in the Hotel.
    The Hotel will transfer the Personal Information of withdrawn customers to a separately managed database for strictly secured storage.
    In addition, it may be used to the extent necessary for judicial and administrative procedures.
Article 14: Disagreement with the handling of the Personal Information
If a Member or a person who wishes to become a Member does not consent to the handling of the Personal Information stipulated in these clauses, or if he/she does not wish to fill out the necessary items in the membership application form, the Card may not be issued.
Article 15: (Request window for the Personal Information, etc.)
Requests for member's Personal Information such as disclosure, correction, and deletion of the Personal Information will be accepted at the Hotel to prevent leakage of member information to a third party and falsification of member information by a third party.
At that time, please bring a driver's license, passport, etc. that can confirm your identity. If you are acting as an agent of that Member, please submit relevant materials such as a power of attorney for proof of such a relationship. However, it may still not be possible to disclose the Personal Information due to the provisions of laws and regulations.
Article 16: (Change/termination of terms)
  1. Please note that these clauses may be changed without prior notice to the Members, or the operation of the Card may be suspended or terminated after a certain period of notification.
  2. The Hotel accepts no responsibility for any inconveniences occurring to the Member due to the preceding paragraph.
Article 17: Others
If there is any doubt about the interpretation of these clauses, or if an event other than these clauses occurs, the Hotel will endeavor to make a decision based on the principle of good faith, and members shall follow that decision.
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