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Governing Accommodation Agreements

Article1 (Of the application range)
  1. It gets the contract that the first article our hotel is related to a staying contract to conclude between the staying guests, and this by the place where this provision decides it, and it gets it by the statute or the general custom as for the item that there is no law in this provision.
  2. It is decided that that special contract takes precedence over it regardless of the regulation of the former clause when it depends on a special contract in the range that our hotel doesn't offend a statute and a custom.
Article2 (An application for the staying contract)
  1. The person who tries to do an application for staying in our hotel has our hotel offer the next item.
    (1)The item that a hotel recognizes the staying person name
    (2)stay day and arrival schedule time
    (3)others as the necessity.
  2. Our hotel processes the staying day of former clause No.2 as a thing which an application for the new staying contract was at the moment when that proposal was made when it got over and the continuation of staying was proposed while a staying guest stays.
Article3 (In such cases as the formation of the staying contract)
    1. When an application for the former passage is approved of, it is decided that our hotel comes into being as for the staying contract. But, when it isn't approved of, our hotel is not this limit.
    2. When a staying contract is concluded by the regulation of the former clause, Guest have it pay the basic hotel charges of the staying period. (Before check-in time.)
    3. When it can't have it paid by the day when it was specified, it is decided that accommodation contract loses that effect by the regulation of the same clause as for the staying contract.
Article4 (The denial of the staying contract conclusion)
When next it is put up, our hotel doesn't sometimes accept the conclusion of the staying contract.
  1. When an application for staying isn't based on this provision.
  2. When there are less many guest rooms fully.
  3. When the person who tries to stay is related to staying and an act contrary to the regulation of the statute, public order or the manners of good is likely to be done, when it is recognized.
  4. When it doesn't let me stay by an unavoidable natural calamity besides that, the trouble of the facilities, the reason.
  5. When the person who tries to stay is remarkable to other staying guests and trouble is likely to be exerted and when it was remarkable to the staying person and the language and behavior which exerted trouble was done with a drunken man and so on.
  6. When it was judged that others, our hotel weren't suitable as a staying person.
Article5 (Contract cancelation in the hotel.)
Our hotel cancel to contraction on this case.
  1. Applicable in article 4(except 2)
  2. Does not pay for room change or something to pay
  3. Break to article 6
  4. Stay in over capacity
  5. Do dangerous acts for disaster prevention, for example smoke with sleeping break a fire alarm and so on
  6. Does not follow instruction of this hotel
Article6 (Prohibit matter)
  1. Guest or other people must not do this act.
    (1) For statement give a false information.
    (2) Take a photograph, recording to vision or sound and use streaming tool.
    (3) Unauthorized use of a credit card for stay this hotel.
    (4) Make a lot of reservation and cancel many reserve, or similar acts.
    (5) Repeat to reserve and cancel for no reason, or similar acts.
    (6) Request things out of common sense, false accastion, menacing harassment, bother staff.
    (7) Make an unreasonable request by violence or threatening
    (8) Other fact what this staff judges inappropriate acts.
  2. When damage this hotel by those case, we claim compensation.
Article7 (The use time of the guest room)
  1. The time when the second article staying person can use the guest room of our hotel is done on the next day from 2 pm. until 12pm. But, when it stays continuously, the final day can be used except for the arrival day and the departure day.
  2. Our hotel may accept the use of the guest room outside time to decide it as the same clause regardless of the regulation of the former clause.
    The additional charge that it is put up next is called it, and received in this case.
    Extra charge for 1 hour. ・・・ ¥1,700  2 hours ・・・ ¥3,500 (Until 2 hours or less)
Article8 (Business hours)
This hotel is open 24 hours, all year around.
Article9 (The payment of the charge)
Pay the payment of the staying price before check-in time.
Article10 (Theft, loss)
As for the article which became bring in our hotel, the cash or the theft, loss of the valuable articles kind, all responsibility is hardly assumed.
Article11 (Storage, keeping of the baggage)
  1. Only when it is recognized, our hotel keeps the baggage of the staying guest. And, keeping of the home delivery, keeping of the mail should be made the same, too.
  2. It disposes of a baggage and so on by the optional method of our hotel when it is kept for 14 days and an owner doesn't appear when there is behind such as the baggage of the staying guest after a staying guest checks out. Perishable foods are disposed by our decision.
Article12 (The responsibility of the staying guest)
  1. A staying guest concerned has it compensate for that damage toward our hotel when our hotel suffers damage by the deliberateness of the staying guest or a fault.
Article13 (Penalty)
The following penalty is called it in the case of the cancellation toward the hotel charges money, and received.
The previous day ・・・ 20%
the day ・・・ 80%
No show ・・・ 100%


Other Use Regulations

  • 1) Do not bring items into the hotel, such as animals and birds, gasoline, explosives, inflammable items, offensive smelling items, illegally owned guns and swords.
  • 2) Do not annoy other guests by making loud noises in rooms or hallways. And do not gamble in the hotel or commit any offense against public decency and order.
  • 3) Do not distribute advertising materials or sell goods in the hotel, unless specially authorized.
  • 4) Do not alter or rearrange the facilities in the room without permission of reception, and do not use for purpose other than that for which was intended.
  • 5) Do not put any object near the window, veranda and hallway in such a way that the exterior appearance of hotel might be spoiled.
  • 6) Please turn off the faucet in the bathroom after taking the bath. and make false fire alarm by steam, please close the door of bath room when you use.
  • 7) Please do not use the dye stuff and the dye hair in the guest room and in the bathroom.
  • 8) Slippers for the guest room are only room, please stop the outer chamber.
  • 9) The entrance with clogs and the gum boots is refused.
  • 10) Miners are not allowed to stay at the hotel without the consent of their parents or guardians.
  • 11) Please be cooperative for saving electricity and saving water.
  • 12) Only the customer is able to stay the room. Except customers is must not use it.
    For example) A single room : one person A twin room : two people
    If we found to stay over capacity, we will do cancel your reserve and refuse staying.
  • 13) When you stay over 8 days, we make up your room once a week. And you can change another towel and amenity once a day in Information desk.
  • 14) If you want to stay more night, please call to information desk
    And pay for room charge until 12:00 on the day. If we have no vacancy, you cannot reserve.


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